Browser tabs once crashed, can't be used again



Name Version
Brave 0.18.23
rev 36ae2ec
Muon 4.3.10
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.90
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 13.4.0
OS Architecture x64

This happens a few times per month for me. A particular tab will crash, showing me the sad face graphic on black. When this happens, that tab can never again be used. No matter what I try to load in it, nothing will ever work. But if I copy the same URL out of that tab and load it in a new tab, it will be just fine. Can’t reproduce on demand but I see it enough to be fairly used to it by now.


Webview crash (the sad face on black background) does it happen on any specific site that you use? As far as loading a new page doesn’t work as the tab is not able to load webview. A workaround to reuse that tab is to close and reopen the browser (not the ideal solution)


No specific site, just happens a few times each month. Relaunching the browser is definitely not ideal, much easier to just copy the URL and paste into a new tab, and close the crashed tab.


same problem here. But in my case the tab crashes additionally on sites that have been in earlier sessions loaded as well. (eg. “” or “”)


Same here. All Brave freeze.
I need to close and open again.

Brave: 0.18.23
rev: 36ae2ec06efed0057ae16351108bf4d4c10a7ab4
Muon: 4.3.10
libchromiumcontent: 60.0.3112.90
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.15063
OS Architecture: x64

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