Browser tabs on right end can't be activated or closed

Version 1.36.109 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (x86_64)

although this happened the last few updates

Tabs on the right hand end past a certain distance (about 9" over) can’t be selected or closed. Clicking in that area does nothing. If I narrow the window so all tabs are within the first 9", then I can click them all.

I’m certain this worked previously, but now it limits usable tabs to around 9" wide.

@th3tick ,

Brave Support may want to know:

Did you install Extensions (list them) and what is their status? (Enabled / Disabled / Uninstalled for Testing)

Did you install Progressive Web Applications (“PWA”) (list them) and what is their status? (Uninstalled for Testing)

Steps you have taken to clear site data (in a New Window, go to:)


There, for each tab: Basic / Advanced / On exit – what arrangements of switches have you set? (Here, you might want to include some screenshots.)

Do you use Sync? Have you tested it (Enabled / Disabled)? How many devices? List of items that you Sync?

If you have used Sync, in a New Window go to:


. . . and study the window. Be prepared to submit info to Brave Support, and answer questions, re your findings.

Re “this happened the last few updates” – can you pick a date, roughly around the beginning of the trouble?

I have:

Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
Amazon Assistant for Chrome
Application Launcher For Drive (by Google)
Bookmark Favicon Changer
Clacks Overhead - GNU Terry Pratchett
Dropbox for Gmail
Google Translate
Image Search Options
LastPass: Free Password Manager
Privacy Badger
Referer Control
The Camelizer
uBlock Origin
Web Archives
Wolfram|Alpha (Official)
Zoom Scheduler

no PWA, and I don’t use sync

I noticed this in the past two days I updated, it didn’t go away. I noticed there was another update available, updated to that (the listed version), and it still didn’t go away.

other answers will take more time

@th3tick ,

Brave Browser has adblock-ing built-in. For testing, might you Disable Ad-Block extension, for now?

And for the moment, Disable “Google Translate”. I mention that one in particular, because another member of the forum, found that extension to be a problem – as a result of the recent Brave Browser version update to 1.36.109.

In order to confirm for you, that Brave Browser (“BB”) has adblocking, in a New Window, go to


That is a place where the BB adblocking can be customized. And, you may visit the Brave Adblock repository at GitHub:

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.44.48 PM

Extensions testing

You could Disable one-at-a-time, or Disable all and then Enable one-at-a-time . . . and see how the Tabs respond.

Also, how many Tabs do you have open, typically?

I ask, because you have a lot of Extensions. Extensions, tabs, and windows are each, individual processes.

In the Brave Browser menu bar > Help menu, search for “Task Manager” and select that tool. The Brave Browser > Task Manager window will open.

Take a screenshot of the BB Task Manager window, as a beginning point of reference. And, monitor the BB Task Manager window as you test.

Can you reorder the appearance of the tabs?

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After disabling all extensions, the problem has gone away. Sadly, it was just after I’d re-opened my laptop, so I’m not completely certain the problem wasn’t gone before I started disabling things. After re-enabling the ones I want, the problem hasn’t resurfaced.

I could re-order tabs, but just not the ones on the far right past almost exactly 9" out. It happened in multiple windows, too.

Oh well, it’s gone, and that’s what matters. Thanks!


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