Browser Tab Not Updating



This mostly seems to happen on YouTube, but I’ve seen similar behavior with other sites like Minds.

In YouTube, when you have finished watching one video and select another one from the recommended side bar, the tab information DOES NOT update until you pass your mouse over it.

In other instances, when starting a new video, the tab text is updated the the tab icon doesn’t appear and the circling “loading” symbol stays active the entire video and doesn’t update when you float the mouse over the tab.

When in, the tab doesn’t update when you switch to other area’s from the left had side bar until you float the mouse over the tab.


Thanks for reporting @tedingalls :slight_smile:

It’s a known issue and likely the fix will landed in 0.20.x.
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I have a similar problem. You may already know about it. When I have multiple tabs, over time, some of them become dormant. You can’t open them, nor can you delete them. The only thing I can do is to restart Brave. This happens regularly. It is a repeatable bug. As best I can tell, it happens on random websites.


Please post your Brave version from about:Brave and what OS you are on.