Browser shuts down everytime I touch the search bar

Everytime I open the browser it opens. But as soon as I click the search bar to enter a web address, the browser crashes. I have updated the app, no fix. I uninstalled then reinstalled, no fix. Please help. I’ve had the same browser for 2 years and I’m a current subscriber of your VPN.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Not sure

Maybe a link to an older version?

** Version 1.31 (23)**

**11 Pro Max / IOS 13 **

Additional Information:

I can confirm this freezes the browser, sorry :frowning:

This affects iOS13 devices only, iOS14 and 15 are fine.

I have two workarounds for you before we ship a fix:

  • Remove all favorites/top sites from new tab page. On new tab page you can long press on favorites and remove them one by one. From what I see the crash happens only if you have at least one favorite added
  • Update your OS to iOS 14 or 15. All iOS 13 devices are able to upgrade to higher versions. Your phone is high end and should work fine with newer iOS versions

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