Browser says wallet was not created, even though I have a BAT balance [Unable to move BAT to Brave Wallet / Gemini stuck]

This issue has started ever since I tried to transfer my rewards to Gemini

When connecting to Gemini, not all of my BAT was transferred.

After waiting a week or two, I disconnected from Gemini and tried again.
Waited a week or two again, and same issue.

Now I’m stuck in this weird limbo where my Gemini account says that my browser isn’t connected to it, but my browser says that it is verified and connected to Gemini.

Nothing happens when I try to disconnect from the rewards page.

I would guess that maybe this is happening because my wallet “is not created” according to brave://rewards-internals page

That being said:

  • Brave is showing the remaining rewards that didn’t transfer to Gemini on my attempts
  • Gemini is showing the rewards that transferred

Not sure what to do at this point – would appreciate some help.

was the same before verifying the browser wallet with gemini?


I’m not 100% sure honestly – but if I’ve received rewards (for more than a year now) then a wallet must’ve been created at some point?

I’ve looked at local storage and noticed this within the rewardsState

not sure if relevant or not

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on which file did you found this?, I honestly have not seen it before :sweat_smile:

let’s wait for @Mattches or any other moderator to see if they know what could be happening

When on the Brave New Tab page, open developer tools in your browser then find Application and/or Local Storage – then it should show some data about the new tab page

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that’s very interesting.

look at mine

Hi @antdp425

Can you confirm which version of Brave you are running?

Brave Dev
Version 1.34.51 Chromium: 96.0.4664.55 (Official Build) dev (x86_64)

Looks like this is fixed as of build: Version 1.34.58 Chromium: 96.0.4664.93 (Official Build) dev (x86_64)


Finally have the ability to reconnect to Gemini if I want - previously it was stuck as if I was connected to Gemini even though I removed access on Gemini site.

Also able to see wallet info in brave://rewards-internals

Question (@SaltyBanana): If I’ve previously verified w/ Gemini, but now obviously disconnected, can I simply switch to using the native wallet and move the rewards that are in my browser to the native wallet / receive rewards there? Or will there be some issues?

Or does it always need to go from Gemini/Uphold → Brave Wallet?

Screenshot from brave://rewards-internals

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@SaltyBanana any update/insight on this follow up question?

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