Browser saves an entered seed phrase for Nufi Wallet under "adresses and more" in the autofill settings

When using the restore wallet option in Nufi Wallet ( or the chrome extension) while entering the words of the seed phrase for two-third of the boxes I have had an autofill suggestion pop up with some words of my seed phrase that have been saved somehow without me ever giving any permission. It seemed scary to me so I wanted to find out why this was happening since I have almost all autofill options inside of the browser disabled except for “adresses and more”. Even after deleting all my saved adresses, when the option “Save and fill addresses” for adresses and more is turned on, it still has the words saved and they pop up as an autofill recommendation on the website.

Brave Version 1.42.88

I dont think this should be happening, right?

Thank you for reaching out. I do not think it should either but I’m not sure it’s a bug, if that makes sense. For now, you can highlight individual autofill entries and delete them the same way you do in Chrome:

I’ve reached out to the security team about this.

I just created an issue on the Brave side to track this:

I would however recommend that you also reach out to the author of that extension since they may be able to use an input type in their form that will not lead to this problem.

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