Browser out of screen in Debian

Hi, I just installed the new version of MX Linux 21 Xfce, based on debian 11, the newest version of debian, and there’s a problem with Brave. Brave exceeds the limits of the screen, so buttons and important elements of the page stay outside the screen, preventing the user from clicking and reading sometimes.
take a look at the image below:

you’ll see the names of the tabs are cut on the top, the button of closing the window on the top right is almost out of the screen, the scroll bar on the right hand side is outside the screen, preventing me to use it to roll out the page, and in the bottom you can see that the button “Create topic” is cut in the middle and I cannot read it. To read it, I have to minimize the window.
I think this is a problem with brave, not with the OS, since all the other software are working properly and fit ok in the screen, except Brave.

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exactly. thank you for pointing out. it looks like it it a problem related to some kind of inconsistency between xfce and chromium based browsers.

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