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There’s a lot to unpack here. Sorry for the late reply.
If I understand correctly, your new profile (“Stub”) is working just fine, and now you’re just wanting to delete the original “Profile 1” and continue using the “Stub” correct? If so, the only considerations are the extensions and data contained in Profile 1.

Yes that is correct. Well in an earlier post I mentioned I copied all the extensions over to Profile Stub. I have no idea what data you are talking about in Profile 1. And I still haven’t got any instructions on how to delete a profile.

I don’t know – browsing data, cookies, history, passwords, etc. I was just ensuring that you would be okay with just completely deleting the profile. To do so, click on the profile icon, then click on the gear icon (settings):

Click on the “more options” icon:

Then Delete.

OK. My present status is I still have the 2 statuses. So I’m not clear about this data. Let me first explain what I have. I have Profile Stub with some 25 windows open for browsing to specific websites, with all the extensions copied over from Profile 1. As part of this process, I cleared all my data, cookies etc. Then I have Profile 1 with only 1 window open, not now doing anything. What worries me a bit is what are the passwords etc you mention above. I think most of my passwords are in my password manager, nordpass. Which leaves just the etc part of this puzzle.

OK. I bit the bullet. Everything looking good :slight_smile:

PROBLEM: Profile 1 never gets deleted, although everything is showing as a 0

See above Profile 1 doesn’t get deleted - @Mattches

You’re saying when you follow the steps here the profile does not get deleted? If so I think you’re encountering this – in which case there is nothing to worry about, the profile will just hang around:

Well I need it to get deleted. It’s very confusing having 2 sets of profiles. They are both still there. It’s not like it’s just hanging around. It sticks in your face all the time. So can I copy Profile Stub to Profile 1 and then delete Profile Stub and then rename Profile 1 to Profile Stub? This is a clear faulty setup that you cannot delete Profile 1 after it is corrupted (by my original problem here). It SHOULD be able to get around this problem. Somehow. If not it’s clearly a problem for Brave, IMHO. @Mattches

The last bit about renaming Profile 1 to Profile Stub I could leave out. I could live with it being called Profile 1 if we cannot rename the default profile. I never got any warning from you that I couldn’t delete Profile 1. In actual fact you were encouraging me to delete it. To tell me after the event is too late. IMHO. It’s an ugly situation. @Mattches

You are right, I was encouraging you to remove it – I was actually under the impression that that issue had already been resolved. To clarify, what I meant by it just “hangs around” was that it is not taking up space, slowing anything down, interfering with anything, etc. If you are opening Brave with your default profile, you shouldn’t even have to see or interact with Profile 1 so I’m not sure where the confusion comes in.

Note that I’m not saying it’s an ideal situation at all and the issue has been around for too long. I’ve pinged some product folks about uplifting this internally and also replied in the Github thread as well.

Because the Profile 1 is still there, I get 2 Brave Logos on my Windows display. I get the Default Brave Profile 1 plus the Brave Profile Stub. It’s at least irritating having to choose between the 2 everytime I load Brave. Or when I reboot. I think it’s a ridiculous situation, to be honest, that it is impossible to delete the default profile. To be honest. This is a beginners type of deficiency. Which should have been resolved a long time ago, already. @Mattches

you can swap the two profiles: stop brave, and go into brave folder in localprofile, make a backup of all the folder, then swap the two directories (rename default to temp, them rename profile1 to default, then rename temp to profile1). probably you’ll have to adjust the name or icon of the profiles.
test your profiles and then delete the one you don’t want.
or you can just change the profile you want to launch as default in the brave icon.
as an example to always launch profile 1:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe” --profile-directory=“Profile 1”
Finaly you can delete the brave icon you don’t use (you can always change profile by clicking on the profile avatar in the toolbar, located at top right of brave window).

@tortino - I first chose the 2nd option because it seemed to be exactly what I want to do. But I ran across a problem. In the Application folder I have only 3 folders, Dictionaries, SetupMetrics. Followed by a Icon. If I click on that Icon it opens a new Brave window which is using my preferred choice of Profile. I don’t see any profile directories. What am I missing here with your explanation?

As to your 1st option. I got confused. Where am I looking for this “localprofile” location. In my Brave I have Profile 1 and Profile Stub, no Default. My guess is you simply want me to copy my Stub profile to default. But I can’t find the locations you are discussing :frowning:


OK. I managed to delete Profile 1. I tried this many times before and it wouldn’t delete it. This time I had all my Brave versions closed as well. Although I would have sworn that I had that before. So, without further discussion, I “think” I’ve solved my problem. No more Profile 1, Only Profile Stub. Maybe it was all the open windows which stopped me from doing this before. Now I’ve got to try to recall all the windows I had open. But I can build that up again over time. Thanks @mattches, and thanks @tortino (your help didn’t help exactly but it did help because it poked me into relooking at everything I’d been doing).

I’m a happy camper now. I was seriously thinking about having to dump Brave, but now I don’t have to :slight_smile:


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