Browser not loading pages correctly

Came here ready to troubleshoot this issue but it appears to have been resolved! Wish I could say what did it exactly – if you removed any extensions as well, one of those may have been causing the issue.

Either way I apologize for the long wait for a reply on your thread. If the issue presents itself again please let me know and I’d be happy to assist.

I have removed some extensions also in the last day or two. But it still seemed to be still happening. But I may try adding some back in the next day or two, to see if it reoccurs. Anyway appreciate the support :slight_smile:

I seem to have the same problem, only worse!
As a result of so-called “updates” 1.25.69 and 1.25.70, Brave browser does NOT connect to ANY
websites directly, instead displaying notification box PAGE UNRESPONSIVE.
Since WAIT for an unresponsive page seems counterintuitive, I RELOAD at least once, but almost invariably, two or more times.
EXAMPLE: Attempting to contact BRAVE about this, I was directed to create a “Brave Community account”. After only one PAGE reload, I entered my data, and again after a single PAGE reload, was able to submit my data. Being then directed to confirm account via email, it only took FIVE reloads and a mere 15 minutes to connect to my gmail account.
NOTE: Prior to the two alleged “UPDATES”, I never had any problem connecting directly to any websites at any time!

does it work with a new profile?

Without me touching any settings these corrupted websites have returned @Mattches

Thank you for letting me know.
I’m also curious whether or not you get this same behavior with a fresh profile – can you try creating a new temp. browser profile and test to see if you get the same results (make sure you close your original browser window, such that you only have the new profile window open when testing)?

OK. This must seem like a really noob question. I’ve opened the test profile and I’ve loaded it with the same windows open as the original profile. But I just can’t figure out how to close the original profile.

OK. I figured that out. The new browser profile didn’t seem to have any problems. The old browser profile seems to have disappeared. So I’ve got to now figure out how to re-create the main browser profile. Any help would be appreciated.

OK. I’ve got my profile basically sorted out. So I’ll report back in a couple of days if I have any problems

One very bad effect with this new profile. It has prevented NordPass from entering the login details into websites visited. Meaning I have to lookup each login details and enter them manually. Which makes NordPass impossible to use as a Password Manager. Any ideas?

OK. I figured out why. The new profile blew out most of my extensions. I think it basically removed all my temporary paused extensions. Which I had temporarily turned off trying to fix the original problem. I think Brave should have had an option to re-install all or only the in use extensions. it’s going to be a big headache even remembering the extensions I was using. Still if the original problem is fixed, It’s a price I’m willing to pay. But still no guarantee the original problem is fixed.

OK. I seem to have 2 profiles now. Profile 1 (my original profile) and Profile Stub (my new profile). They both have a different set of extensions. The Stub profile has a small subset of Profile 1. But it seems weird to me that at least 1 extension, Rearrange Tabs, works in both Profiles when it is only in 1 Profile’s extension. What I want to get back to is basically one default profile, Stub. So I thought I could just delete Profile 1. But what about all the extensions in Profile 1, not in Profile Stub? Can I copy them somehow? Are there anything else that I need to be careful of, like extensions? It seems to be fraught with danger just to blindly delete Profile 1, which I’ve had for years, and not know what I actually might be deleting?

Both Profile 1 AND Profile Stub are not showing any evidence of displaying graphics incorrectly. The basic reason for this thread. I have about 30 websites open mostly duplicated in both profiles.

Correction to the above. Almost every tab in Profile 1 has problems with displaying the graphics whereas Profile Stub seems to be working fine. So it’s likely that I really want to delete the Profile 1 and use only Profile Stub. How do I do that by at least copying all extensions to Profile Stub before I delete Profile. Are there any other things I should consider before deleting Profile 1.

OK. I’ve added all the extensions back to Profile Stub. What else should I consider before deleting Profile 1?

How to delete a Profile. The only help thread didn’t help @Mattches

There’s a lot to unpack here. Sorry for the late reply.
If I understand correctly, your new profile (“Stub”) is working just fine, and now you’re just wanting to delete the original “Profile 1” and continue using the “Stub” correct? If so, the only considerations are the extensions and data contained in Profile 1.

Yes that is correct. Well in an earlier post I mentioned I copied all the extensions over to Profile Stub. I have no idea what data you are talking about in Profile 1. And I still haven’t got any instructions on how to delete a profile.

I don’t know – browsing data, cookies, history, passwords, etc. I was just ensuring that you would be okay with just completely deleting the profile. To do so, click on the profile icon, then click on the gear icon (settings):

Click on the “more options” icon:

Then Delete.

OK. My present status is I still have the 2 statuses. So I’m not clear about this data. Let me first explain what I have. I have Profile Stub with some 25 windows open for browsing to specific websites, with all the extensions copied over from Profile 1. As part of this process, I cleared all my data, cookies etc. Then I have Profile 1 with only 1 window open, not now doing anything. What worries me a bit is what are the passwords etc you mention above. I think most of my passwords are in my password manager, nordpass. Which leaves just the etc part of this puzzle.