Browser lost my BAT tokens


Hi! I turned off “Payments” in preferensec and after it turned it on again. And now my BAT tokens balance turns to zero. How to restore my balance?


Hi @lynX

Server work is being done, so the servers are down. When they are back up you will see your balance. More information is available here: Payments preferences page shows 0.00 BAT but non-zero USD

Thanks for your patience,


Thank you, Lauren! Do you know how to reinstall Brave on OsX and save all my data (acc/balance and etc.)?


Hi @lynX

Have you confirmed that your balance is now displaying as expected?



Yes! Now I see it! Thank you


Great, thanks for confirming @lynX :smiley:

Before you go backing up your profile, please make sure you back up your Brave wallet. Here’s how you do that:
Open preferences and navigate to Payments.
Click on the gear icon.
You will see a button that says ‘Backup your wallet’
Click on this button and follow the process from there.
Please keep these wallet backup words safe in case of computer loss, theft, computer crash, etc.

After you have done this, you can back up your Brave profile by navigating to /Users/<your username/Library/Application Support and saving a copy of the brave folder. This folder contains all of your Brave information (history, bookmarks, etc). It’s good to save a copy prior to re-installing just in case anything goes wrong.

So, if you have a copy of your Brave profile saved, you can remove the file from your Applications folder, navigate to and download the latest version of Brave. You can also install over what you’ve already downloaded, that should work too.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Thank you very much! I reinstall browser. My Metamask still shows wite page instead UI. I think information about extensions is somewhere in another folder and I should delete it too when I uninstall browser.


@lynX do you have your metamask info backed up?

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