Browser leaking true IP

I was using proton vpn on my laptop which is running linux mint, I decided to check my ip address out of boredom. When ran through duckduckgo my vpn’s ip shows up, when I go to another ip search such as it revealed my true IP. I was shocked, and wondered if this was a glitch, so I tested it several times over. I got the same result. I switched to firefox, and when I went to whatismyip it showed my vpn’s IP. If I am making no sense, I incline you to test it yourself.
PS: I used multiple vpn locations too

Enable your vpn-- open brave-- type ip into duckduckgo–click on

This should show your real IP then.

My system: linux mint 20.3 xfce, brave browser version 1.41.100


Works fine on my side. I used CyberGhost VPN extension and checked my ip at


  1. Clearing browser cache,
  2. Flushing dns (hold Windows button+R, enter cmd then enter ipconfig/flushdns; Use Linux equivalent)
  3. Restart machine.
  4. If not working, try disabling secure dns if enabled; Or try google public dns.

None of those worked, so I completely deleted it and reinstalled it. It works fine now. I honestly thought it was a virus at first, so I started a clam av scan, rummaged through all my files, and was searching every process in my task manager. Everything came up clean. The only other possibility could of been some corrupted package or something. I’m not gonna obsess over it though.

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