Browser keeps crashing after few minutes opened

@Cybertooth yes I do use Nod32. I hadn’t even considered that could be a problem as I’ve been using it forever and it’s never caused me any issues in the past. I’ve just skimmed the thread you mentioned and have uninstalled Nod32 and rebooted. Currently typing this in Brave and it hasn’t crashed for at least 5 minutes (500% improvement).

More worryingly regarding Nod32, ESET apparently considers it a legacy product and have no plans to update it. ClamAV it is then until I find something better.

Thanks for the find. I hate using Firefox as it has its own issues. Be happy to be able to use Brave again on a more permanent basis!

Additionally, apologies to the Brave devs for assuming the problem was in their code!

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Yeah, the problem originates with the Chrome/Chromium devs’ code. Because ESET is unchanged, the issue is traceable to something that the Chrome people did back in December, which then carried over to Brave.

Yeah… Using ESET NOD32 here as well… :face_with_monocle:

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I opened a ticket with ESET support and this is the response I got:

Thank you for contacting ESET Technical Support.

Unfortunately, this issue is unlikely to be resolved within the current versions of the NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop product.

Sadly this is a development decision and not something that the technical team have direct influence of.

Guess it’s bye bye to ESET’s software then as I’m not going to continue paying for a product that breaks something as important as a browser. :frowning:

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GREAT NEWS!!! The folks at ESET have released a new version for Linux intended to address this crashing problem. I installed the upgrade this morning, and so far Brave is working normally (~25 minutes).

Version is available here. Make sure to select the right bitness and the correct Linux family, and when you get the download dialog make sure that it says it’s the “95” version with a size of 109MB.

For anyone here experiencing this issue, we’ve recently released an update to v1.5.123 – can anyone confirm for me whether or not the issue persists?

Brave 1.5.123 working fine here. Fingers crossed…

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Thank you for testing and confirming – please let us know if the crashing continues.

Hi Mattches… yeah… been using browser now for around 30 min and nothing happened after I updated it for the latest version and also the ESET (see @Cybertooth). Working all good now. :slight_smile:

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I just ran into this, but I think it might be because I just updated my graphics drivers. Going to try restarting and seeing if that fixes things.

LSB Version:	n/a
Distributor ID:	ManjaroLinux
Description:	Manjaro Linux
Release:	19.0.2
Codename:	Kyria

Yes, restarting solved it in my case. I guess the upgrade process unloaded some drivers or something.

Thanks @Cybertooth. I’d actually given up on ESET after their last reply but I guess there were enough complaints for them to do something about it.

Hopefully that’s the last complaint I’ll have about them as, prior to this, I’ve always found their products to be at the better end of the scale (quality wise).

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You’re welcome, I’m happy to help!

Thank YOU for reporting the problem to ESET. No doubt you contributed to getting them to fix it.

And I agree that they put out a good product.

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