Browser issues + Lastpass/other extensions


Hello. I am new to Brave and not a developer. I am trying to get off Google, and have successfully imported all bookmarks therefrom. Unfortunately, I am unable to sign into Brave (I am on Google as I type this) plus my Lastpass extension (2FA-enabled) constantly flags up a connection error message. I am also unable to obtain other extensions (e.g. MyEtherWallet - where do I find them?. I cannot abide Google anymore, and would rather use Brave than Firefox. Please advise . . .

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Hi @trader_zen,

Did you mind to try cleat all cookies and try to sign in again?

Did you enable Strict site isolation at Preferences > Security? Having that setting enabled may cause an issue with some extensions.

All supported extensions is listed under Preferences > Extensions. Currently the team need to test the extensions first before adding support for it (for security and privacy).


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