Browser issues and potential changes

Brave browser is almost perfect, hence I use it daily. However, it does contain minor issues:

One is the downloading notification, which act as a repeating notification and keep ringing. Can this noise be removed?

The other is landscape mode on my S10 plus creates a white bar across the front camera side. Can this bar be coloured black in dark mode? Or can it be taken away so the browser uses full landscape capability?

Thanks for reading and, if you do then, also thanks for the help

You can set brave notifications to be silent in the app info pane and you might be able to set brave not to display ever the notch.

Thanks for the help. My downloads are now silent, finally.

However, I still get a white bar on my notch area, as I couldn’t find an option to change this on braves setting.

Anyways, thanks so much for the help.