Browser is refreshing all the pages automatically

@Elektronikgirl can you please test disabling your extensions and see if the issue persists so we can determine whether or not this is the same issue others in this thread are experiencing?

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Ok, disabled everything and it is still doing it. Now, I feel the need to mention that I have a lot of browser windows open. The main offender is Facebook, but Google Drive and this other site ( are the main ones I see reloading constantly.

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Oh and version on desktop is:
Version 1.67.123 Chromium: 126.0.6478.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I checked and laptop is the same.

Same problem over here.

It’s extremely annoying.

Still same problem facing

So not sure if this will continue to help the issue, but I have all my groups saved. I tried “unsaving” the one group as a test, then re saving it and so far it’s not reloading… not sure it will last, TBD. Just thought I’d mention it as something to try.

Anyone here chiming in with similar reports, can you please include more information on your issue? What sites is the behavior occurring on? What OS are you using? @Elektronikgirl mentions that her tabs were saved in Groups at the time — are your tabs also saved in groups? The more details we have the easier it will be to diagnose the issue.

@Elektronikgirl is this issue still occurring in the tab(s) you’ve removed from the group?

Also for anyone can you please tell me exactly how frequently the pages refresh? Are we talking very few seconds or once an hour?

I’m using Windows 11
The issue is that certain tabs I had open would reload at intermittent frequency. At first the Facebook one was about every 60-90 sec but then it just became constant at every 30 sec or so. The last thing I tried, un-saving my groups and then re-opening/saving the tabs worked. That is flipping the save option of the group to off, then reopening windows and flipping the switch back on. Maybe something with the sync over multiple devices?

After doing that, how long does it take for the issue to occur again?