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I am new to the Brave browser. This is my question, if I go to the website websleuths will websleuth know that? If I go to Twitter, I don’t have an account, but a person can look if they go to, so would Twitter be aware of that, that I would be looking at Twitter? If I go to the Washington Post website again will Washington post be aware I am looking at their website?

Yes and no, it all depends on settings in your browser AND what other things you use. They will always know SOMEONE was looking at their site, but won’t necessarily know it’s you. In terms of settings, let’s look at some examples:

  1. In one scenario, you have default settings. When you go there, it is allowed to place cookies in your browser to an extent, which helps it identify your preferences. It also identifies some traits of your browser. Also it reads where the IP address is coming from, so it knows your general area. The list goes on. There will be some randomized, but overall it’s going to know your computer and can trace back to at least your general area.

Your location and all will leak regardless of the browser, as your internet provider shares this information.

  1. In this scenario, you block Fingerprinting and Cookies, so nothing can be stored on your computer. This also always makes a fake profile it shares with websites you visit. Like maybe in one they think you’re using Microsoft Edge but next time you visit, they think you’re using Safari. So many identifiers go away and they have a much bigger issue identifying who you are compared to other visitors. It’s not flawless but works well.

The issue again is that your IP address and all might be visible, as that is shared by your internet provider and all. So in that case, they will identify you still and be able to target your general location. It is for this reason that people use VPN to hide that as well.

  1. In this scenario, you use a VPN to make your IP address appear in a different place. You also have strict settings on Cookies and Fingerprinting. Overall this SHOULD make it so they don’t identify you and know you are looking at their website. They will know SOMEONE looked, but won’t know its you.

However, you hadn’t checked for leaks and even though it should clone, your VPN and computer settings leak your location and give hints about your IP address by showing what it’s routing from. So it still creates a fairly unique profile and might narrow down to you.

  1. The best scenario would be you’re using a really good VPN with no leaks and you’ve got Fingerprinting and Cookies blocked. Now you’re just a generic visitor and all the tracking they collect is fake. You might be visiting but as far as they are concerned, you’re Elvis Presley.

BUT the catch here is that by going in with strict cookies and fingerprinting, some sites will break as they require it. I know I helped someone not long ago where the reason their website wasn’t working is because they were blocking cookies. I just can’t remember the website to give an example.

Moral of the story: Brave does a good job of trying to limit the data you provide to websites and does a great job to stop them from tracking your data from other sites you visit. Yet your device and internet service provider can still betray you and let those sites who you are looking at their site and who you are, at least to an extent. Without using Brave, they’d know your browser, operating system, location, etc. Using Brave and with decent settings, they are told you’re using things other than you are. Get everything mixed together, and they get fed a lot of BS about who you are, where you’re from, etc.

Simpler answer, kind of like TL:DR

Yes, website will know you visited. Depending on settings, may not know much about you. There are a lot of things to consider if you are trying to hide your presence or identity while visiting place on the internet.

Thank you. I couldn’t find the Page where I wrote the first question. Sorry.

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