Browser frequently freezes (Mac OSX)


Hi Brave team!

The browser is great, and is now my primary browser, but it still freezes pretty frequently. I’ve been using it for maybe a month so far, and thought that updates might help, but it still does it multiple times a day. The issues that I’m having are:

  • sometimes single tabs will freeze or I will be unable to select, or even close them.
  • audio will randomly stop playing on a tab; closing and reopening the tab fixes this.
  • entire browser will sometimes freeze and have to be force quit.

That’s all I can think of right now, I’ll add more if they come to mind or if anything else happens. When the browser is working, it is even faster than Chrome, and all of the features so far such as adblocking, shields, and the stats on the home page are awesome, but I feel like “time saved” means nothing if I’m spending even more time restarting the browser.

I know that my 2013 MacBook Air isn’t exactly cutting edge technology anymore, but Chrome froze much less frequently. I’m hoping that the team is aware of this and there’s a fix in the works. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for anything I can do on my end to mitigate the issue, please let me know. I already use as little RAM as possible and try not to open too many tabs at once - usually I only have 4 or 5. Right now, it’s Gmail, Bittrex, Facebook, this forum, and my university’s online coursework. I often also have YouTube or SoundCloud open to stream music.



Hi @718Rogue

Thanks for reporting this - could you let me know if you’re on the latest released version 0.17.19 (we just released this yesterday). This version has some performance fixes. Could you update to this version (if not already on it), try it out for a bit and let us know if you see any improvements?



Hi Lauren;

I had just updated yesterday morning, and still experienced a few significant freezes and one crash where I had to force quit. I was hoping the update would fix it; I only signed up to write my original post when I found that it didn’t. I’m not sure why exactly it freezes or crashes, sometimes it even happens when I’m not streaming video or music, such as when I’m trying to compose or send an email, or check my Facebook. Yesterday, I clicked ‘send’ in Gmail and the page froze; I had to open Gmail in a new tab and check sent mail to see that my email had already sent, then close the frozen tab.

Oh yeah, one more issue that’s been constant and hasn’t been fixed with the update - when I want to add attachments, such as files attached to emails or photos in a Facebook album, the Finder window that pops up freezes almost every time. I have to try multiple times to get it to listen to my commands, whether it’s going to a different file directory or selecting a file. Much of the time, when I select a file, it also doesn’t get highlighted, and I have to blindly click “open” to see if I’ve selected the right file.


I logged the issue here:



Opening possibly more than two tabs sets causes an issue if it help anyone from the team. I have 8 tabs set to each tab set, if that makes sense and if it helps.

Strangely, another thing I noticed is that once the browser crashes or freezes and it automatically closes, reopening the browser keeps the ‘Private data’ considering I have all 7 on erase except for the last one but it’s not the reason I’m stating this. The reason I state this is because every time this issue occurs reopening the browser with private data still intact without a shadow of a doubt causes the crash again and much sooner but reducing the number of tab sets, not in setting but whilst browsing doesn’t cause much of an issue.


Not sure if I understand what you mean about the private data, but I’d like to add that for me, when the browser crashes and I reopen it, the tabs that open seem to always be from before the browser started lagging. In other words, I’ll be on Facebook, FreeCodeCamp, Bittrex, and Gmail, then I’ll go from FreeCodeCamp to YouTube on that tab. If Brave starts lagging, and eventually crashes or needs me to force quit it, when I reopen it it’ll open FreeCodeCamp instead of YouTube, even though I was on YouTube when it crashed.

By the way, if there’s any sort of error logs or data that I can somehow upload here that would help figure out the issue, please let me know! I really want to see Brave successful (I own a bunch of BAT) and would love to use it as my primary browser, but for now I’ve switched back to Chrome - five tabs (Gmail, Facebook, Bittrex, my university online class, and YouTube) that I’ve been running for two days and not one crash or bad lag that I can remember.

Btw - another thing which I don’t really mind and may not be an issue; on Chrome, background tabs seem to continue to run; what I mean is, I’m on this tab typing this comment up right now, and I see my Facebook notifications growing, and have gotten one email. Not pop-ups or anything, I’m talking about how it says "Inbox (4) - " and “(4) Facebook” on the tab itself. On Brave, I won’t see this number change even if I’m getting new notifications or emails until I mouse over the tab itself. Maybe this is intentional, maybe not, and personally it doesn’t bother me too much, but it would be nice to know when I get new emails without having to refresh Gmail since I don’t have my account connected to my phone.


Also, another thread I saw just reminded me; Brave frequently freezes for a few seconds while I’m typing, then suddenly shows the several letters or words that I just typed all at once.

These are all desktop specific issues, the iPhone browser has been great so far and I haven’t noticed any issues.


Hi, the issue I have logged was fixed with the latest beta. Please hang tight for the next release and see if you still experience the freeze? thanks!


We’ve just released 0.18.23 which should alleviate most of the freezing. Could some of you let us know how it is working for you?


ok, i’ll report back in a few days! great to hear. thanks for letting me know.

Losing patience with Brave

I have had the same issues. I believe that this is actually the Mac OS and not the Brave Browser. I ended up upgrading my HardDrive in my mac and reinstalled the OS. Before I signed into ICloud and all the other crap I installed Brave browser and found that it worked great. No freezing no issues with tabs randomly shutting off. I ended up restoring my profile and the issue startedup again.

I would suggest to create a new user and install Brave and verify if you still have an issue. I will do the same when I get home.

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