Browser Freezes On Launch

Had 4 tabs open (2 for Youtube) and was watching a video when Brave froze up.
Closed browser and reopened it, now it freezes every time I try to launch it.
Restarted PC did not help
Run program as administrator did not help
Tried to take a screen shot for this post, but screen shot was blank.
OS - Windows 10
Version - app-0.23.39

Regards, John

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Thanks for reaching out. I see that you’re using a rather old version of Brave – is this intentional? If not, I’d highly recommend you upgrade to the new build as it’s safer, faster, compatible with nearly any extension, includes new Brave Rewards and Brave Ads programs – and more (if you can believe it).

You can download the new build here – your old Brave will not be deleted or overwritten, nor will any associated browsing data.
You canimport data from your old Brave build by using these instructions.

Let me know if you need further assistance.