Browser Freezes On Launch


Had 4 tabs open (2 for Youtube) and was watching a video when Brave froze up.
Closed browser and reopened it, now it freezes every time I try to launch it.
Restarted PC did not help
Run program as administrator did not help
Tried to take a screen shot for this post, but screen shot was blank.
OS - Windows 10
Version - app-0.23.39


Found this as soon as I posted:

Solution was posted by LaurenWags Jun 12 to @Barakas25 @herdcats

If you don’t have the backup words to your brave wallet, I wouldn’t delete your profile. You could rename it and then launch Brave, this would give you a clean profile (without any bookmarks, history, or wallet data). On macOS your profile is located at ~/Library/Application Support/brave and on Windows it’s %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave. In both cases you would make sure Brave is closed and then rename the brave folder to something else. When you relaunch Brave you will be starting fresh.

As I noted earlier, we do have an issue logged but without a profile which produces this it’s been very difficult to reproduce, thanks for sharing the information to my other questions. If either of you are willing to share profile data it is appreciated but we definitely understand if you don’t want to as your profile contains personal data.


same here but sometimes it works for me
It all started after I tried on install metamask. It crashed, I tried closing it and restarting my computer, but as soon as brave starts to reload the previous tabs it crashed again. I can’t do anything. I caon’t go to the settings. It has become unusable.


Have you tried this?

Go to the following folder: On Windows it’s %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave. You might have to turn on “Show Hidden Files and Folders”

Make sure Brave is closed and rename the brave folder to something else. When you relaunch Brave you will be starting fresh.

This will require you to recover your brave wallet, and you will lose all of your bookmarks, history and saved passwords, but those are easy enough to recover.

Good luck


sometimes this will happened after updating new vresoin.I’m facinng this problem aftre updating. You can try to reinstall the browser ,or try to install the older version of this browser. If it doesn’t works then you must visit on to solve your problem. You can find here all the solution regarding your problem. May be this will helps you.


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