Browser extension tab opening on each new launch


Hi all,

Not entirely sure what has happened but every time i launch Brave browser i get my blank page tab as as have configured but also a Browser Extension Getting Started tab. In this case it is for Bitwarden.

Also my browser do not start in full screen mode. even when i close the browser in full screen mode. I would assume this is default windows behavior?

I am on Windows 10 1709 (fall creators) and using Brave version 0.19.53

I have looked to see if there is a Brave reset option but could not see any.


Thanks for reporting @Rippie,

It’s a known issue. And the fix is likely will landed in a couple of releases, if not changed.

Similar issue Honey Extension keeps showing installation success webpage after I open Brave.

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Just done a preview upgrade and the issue appears to be gone. well at least i do not see the new extension tab anymore.

Brave still does not open in maximized window, do you know if that is by design too?


found a workaround for the maximized window issue. told the shortcut to run as Maximized instead of Normal.not sure what side effects that will have later on but at least for now it start up in maximized window.


Well, it can be. :slight_smile: Because preview version will updating to hotfix preview if I’m not wrong. And the issue was “fixed” in preview – but not landed in stable, yet.

For stable user, the fix will landed in a couple of release.

It’s a known issue, The fix will available in 0.20.x IIRC. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a temporary workaround. So far, I’ve no problem with that setting. :slight_smile:


Can we close this thread @Rippie ? The original report – extension tab that open every launch – is fixed in latest release, 0.19.70 – see release note.


Yes of course we can thank you.

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Fixed in latest release, 0.19.70 – see release note.