Browser Error upon opening Brave


For the last couple of days my Brave browser will not open or go to any website. Even my favs don’t work. All I get when I start the browser is an “Error” in the tab. Anyone else had this problem?


Hi @darkstorm2011

Could you provide some details as per the post below so we can better assist?



I’m using Brave version
Brave: 0.17.13
rev: f7242c7ae683191b59388f567ccbd13d938b23d4
Muon: 4.1.7
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.109
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 10.0.15063
os.arch: x64
I’m using Windows 10-64 bit

The only thing I do is start the browser and this is what I see.


Hi @darkstorm2011

Thanks for the information. Could you please open the browser and then open Dev Tools (I think they’re under View). And paste a screenshot of any errors that you see?

Second, could you quit Brave (make sure no Brave processes are running in Task Manager), then rename the brave folders in %appdata% to something else? I believe there are two - one in Local and one in Roaming. Then relaunch Brave. Something might have gone wrong with your profile and I’d like to test that out if you’re feeling up to it. Thanks!


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