Browser eMail will not work

I have a wowway email account, When ever I try to access it from the Brave browser, I get routed the a wowway “Account Summary” page. Chrome and the microsoft browser both take me to the email web page. If I copy the address while in chrome or IE and paste it into Brave, bam!, “Account Summary” page. From any other wowway page, when I click on the email icon to go to the email web page, bam! “Account Summary”.

Is there a setting in Brave I can change that will permit me to access my wowway email browser?


Try the site with the shield turned off. @roberth6 if I may could you provide a URL address of this site @fanboynz could help fine-tune the shields to better accommodate the site. @roberth6 welcome to the community.

this is the URL copied from my chrome browser:

Did it work without the shield

Yes it worked without the shield tuned on.

Okay, I believe I found the issue. (will need to be test in the next 24-48)

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