Browser doesnt work


It is only an icon, I don’t get the anything about it when you can just ignore it and don’t see it, it is the address bar, in the corner, you are supposed to be looking at the content of websites.

But it’s a Chromium feature, PWA which have been pushed for long time, they are great on Mobile, because you don’t need to run apps with trackers anymore with Brave, other companies like Microsoft have made their desktop apps like a PWA, so the development is faster and easier to cross-platform.

So, all you can do is

  1. ignore it.
  2. You can use InPrivate mode where PWA will not work.
  3. You can install the PWA and use it that way.
  4. You can just not use the Web page which has PWA support, so the icon doesn’t appear.

Plus, the icon changed in recent versions of Brave, so it is better now.

I made a little more Research for anyone who wants to read this (for the Title it will be hard though).

You have to do detective work, for example, Outlook has a <link rel="manifest" href="/mail/manifests/pwa.json?culture=en"> so, I just added/blocked pwa.json in Brave://adblock and done, I don’t see the icon anymore.

For Youtube is manifest.webmanifest.

So It can be done, but you are the one who has to do some detective work for it and who knows if blocking those requests will cause any issue.

So it can be done, but not out of the box, you only need to be creative about it.

Easier way to get an idea what can be the file making the icon to appear is by using

||example.domain^$~script that way you will only block stylesheets and images and all that, so as long as you don’t see the icon, that means is one of the few files being blocked that aren’t scripts.

And then you just go making rules until you see which ones makes the icon appear.
That’s what I did in Youtube, for Outlook, I just searched PWA in Devtools.

So in some pages can be easier to block than others, but there is no global solution unless you do detective work and know what you are doing.

That’s all I am adding to this since it was locked by @Mattches, sadly I provided good information if anyone wants to do this, maybe the title can be changed for future references but I don’t care, not my problem to get annoyed by a tiny icon.
Brave works fine, so maybe next time OP and others like the OP, can make a better post so they can get the proper help, rather than saying Brave doesn’t work, when it is just a Chromium feature.