Browser doesn't recognize SD card

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Android 12
Brave 1.35.103

256 GB SD card. Android recognizes SD card. I can read and write to it.
I like to save music and videos on the SD to save space for apps on internal storage.

Brave will not let me save to SD card. The option is grayed out. Says not enough space.
I can save to internal storage successfully.
Option to choose save location is selected in browser settings.

The SD card is freshly formatted and working fine.

Did you give brave permission to access the sd card?

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Is that in brave settings?

No. In android settings. Android settings > Apps > Brave > Permissions. Then allow permissions to starage. Then brave check if the sd setting is no longer greyed out. From here you can try a download if it is.

It has permission to access storage but media only. There is no other option. There are no permissions denied according to Android settings.

And does the SD card have space?

The SD card is empty. Freshly formatted. I can read and write to it with other apps.

Also, in brave settings, did you set ask where to save in Downloads? If the SD is working, you’ll be given a choice of internal or sd card.

Yes it is set to let me choose download location.

Under download location menu option I get a box with two options. One is the location on internal storage. It currently save files there.
The other is SD card. That option says NOT ENOUGH SPACE.
Both options are grayed out and cannot be changed. Is there any way I can send screenshots?

You can paste screenshots in the text box of your reply ala copy/paste. I wonder if it’s a format issue? Like on older amazon firesticks, the sd card has to fat32. Don’t know what you formatted your SD card to, but maybe a problem if formatted to ntfs? Maybe encryption, if using a 3rd party encryption?

No idea on NTFS or FAT. I just used the format option in android settings.

Try formatting the sd card on your computer instead, making sure to use fat32 (maybe exfat will work as well). All I can think of.

Dont have one currently but I’ll use a buddy’s laptop. Thanks for your help!

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