Browser (desktop) makes Fan run too much + internet at least half-speed (Mac, since Catalina update)

Left Brave-Beta (up-to-date) open for over 5 minutes with no activity on it, average subsequent tests were then lower, 112 MB download. So no, not better results.

Would you be available for a Zoom call sometime with one of our engineers and/or support staff? Perhaps a short call and screenshare could yield more insights.

If it could fix it, I’m willing to do that. It’s currently running at one fifth of the incoming internet speed. I’d prefer not to switch browsers. As noted previously in the thread, there are other accounts of others having the same issue.

Confirming that on wi-fi connection instead of ethernet, similar results are happening – Brave is at significantly slower speed than Safari or internet-in speed, whether it’s wi-fi or ethernet connection. (Mac, Catalina)

Macs Fan Control

Install and write down temperatures and fan speeds for your tests - Brave Browser -vs- Safari.

You may get a better handle on the hardware component involved.

Brave Browser still tests at over a quarter of the speed of incoming internet (and Safari) speed.
Per links to the other thread on this, I’m not the only one who has experienced this.
Any fix?

The Brave-making-the-fan-run-too-much issue seems to be worse after the recent update. This is even after I swapped out the computer hard drive for a solid state drive.

However, the recent Brave update does appear to have fixed the speed issue.

The speed issue appears to have been resolved with the most recent Brave browser update; however, it still seems like Brave might be instigating excessive fan on-time on the computer

Seems like Brave still provoking excessive fan use, even now that computer has solid state drive

Replying to keep the thread open. I notice that with Brave, the fan does run a lot when having multiple tabs open on sites such as Amazon or Facebook.

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