Browser (desktop) makes Fan run too much + internet at least half-speed (Mac, since Catalina update)

I recently updated to Catalina on Mac (from High Sierra). I generally use Brave and would prefer to not have to switch so I hope this can get resolved.
The issues are:
Since updating to Catalina, Brave Browser has 2 issues:

  1. It very easily triggers the loud computer fan to run, even with few tabs open.
  2. It consistently tests (via, same test used on all) as running at least half the speed (or slower) than it should be.

In comparison, Safari and Firefox are running at proper speeds. It is an ethernet connection. Also in comparison: Chrome exhibits similar behavior (triggers fan to run too much + internet speed at least half-speed) to Brave, so perhaps it is a Chromium-build issue.

I’d prefer not to switch browser so I hope this can get resolved, the most important part being the fan running getting triggered (even with few tabs open).

What I’ve already tried, none of which helped at all:

  1. Removing an unnecessary extension and disabling another;
  2. Creating a new profile with no extensions,
  3. Turning off/on/off/on Hardware Acceleration,
  4. Updating to latest version,
  5. Restarting browser numerous times,
  6. Testing with various different internet connection set-ups.

I would expect Brave Browser to behave similarly to Firefox (where I have a similar set-up in terms of extensions/etc) or Safari both in terms of how much it causes the computer fan to run and its internet speed, with similar use (which is how I’m testing it). I don’t want to have to switch browsers (and won’t be downgrading or upgrading my MacOS from Catalina) so I hope it can get resolved, the most important part being the fan running excessively with Brave.

. Brave version: 1.25.68 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (x86_64)
. Mac version: 10.15.7
. Internet speed tested directly without browser: approx. 230Mb download
. Internet speed on Safari: approx. 230Mb download
. Internet speed on Brave: ranges from 40Mb-110Mb (at least half-speed of what it should be).
. (Service provider Spectrum says speed in general should be at least 140Mb)

Here’s a similar no longer active thread mentioning the same speed issue:

Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed report.
Not sure why the connection speed is affected here – also interesting that it’s happening in Chrome/Chromium as well.

Has this always happened when using Brave, or is it only after updating to the latest build today that you’re seeing this behavior?

Additionally, can you launch Brave, browse normally and then, when the fan kicks on, open the browser task manager (Menu --> More tools --> Task manager) and see what process(es) are hogging resources? A screenshot of the task manager would be helpful as well.

The connection speed issue only started happening after updating from High Sierra to Catalina. Prior to the update, Brave usually tested on speedtest at the higher proper speeds (over 200Mb).

Here’s where someone else had the same speed issue:

I’m waiting for the fan to kick in to look at the Task manager.

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I haven’t heard it to do the excessive fan the last few hours, but it’s definitely still consistently demonstrating at least half the internet speed of what it’s supposed to do (in comparison to non-browser or safari tests of internet speed).

Here’s a screenshot of Task Manager when the fan kicked in:
Brave Task Manager, fan running

Well that’s strange. The browser itself appears to be using just about double the memory it should be. On my end, with several more tabs open than you, I’m getting ~252 MB - 282 MB consistently where as yours is using ~558 MB.

Do you still have that additional profile around? I’m wondering if you can check the task manager when using the empty profile as well and see if it’s using similar resources?

I tested similar activity on the blank (no extensions/etc) Profile. (attached screenshot). While the usage is a bit lower in the Task Manager for the blank profile, the behavior is not lessened at all from the default profile: – Tested internet speed is still consistently at least 100MB less than Safari, and the fan is running in situations where it seems like it shouldn’t be.
Brave Task Manager, fan running (blank Profile)

Apologies for the late reply – just got back from the weekend. Reaching out to the team for more information here because I can’t think of anything that would cause that signifiant of a difference in speed.

Thanks. It is very consistent in always being around half-speed (or slower) of what it should be and what Safari shows. It looks to be the exact same issue as reported by 2 other users from a year ago ( Slow Internet Speeds compared to Safari - Fiber Gig Internet - #14 by afdy ).

Brave is still causing the fan to run too much (more than other browsers) and operating at a speed at least half the speed of other browsers. Are there any resolutions to this?

So we have a Chromium bump coming tomorrow that I’m interested in seeing if it helps your issue at all. I’m also interested in seeing if you get the same behavior when using our Beta build. Would you mind downloading/installing the Beta build and testing your connection speed and see if you get the same results?

Note that you can download, install, and run Beta without interfering with your current Brave installation – they will operate as separate browsers.

I am having the same issue for a few days now with the Linux version on Pop OS. To be able to use Brave Browser decently I have to unplug the laptop charger. At that point, on task manager the cpu usage of Brave Browser task goes down from 90% to almost nothing. If I plug in the charger again Brave Browser’s task eats all my cpu and the computer slows down considerably.

Do I need to do something for the “Chromium bump”? Regular Brave says it’s up-to-date, and it is still running much slower on the speed test than it is supposed to. Right now it is 1/4th the speed of the incoming internet. (Incoming speed verified off-browser.)

I downloaded the Beta and ran a few speed tests on it (with no other tabs open) and it is still doing the same behavior of having a speed of at least half (or slower) of what it’s supposed to be.

Is there any resolve to this speed (and presumably fan running also) issues? Brave is still running much slower than other browsers: 1/3rd the speed of Firefox, and over a quarter the speed of Safari. I’d prefer not to switch browsers though.

Sorry for leaving you hanging there – the team is unclear on why this would be happening. It doesn’t make much sense and none of us can reproduce it. Let me ping a few more people and see if I can get some additional eyes on this.

Appreciate your patience.

Thanks. This other user had the same issue last year: Slow Internet Speeds compared to Safari - Fiber Gig Internet - #14 by afdy . Like him I’m also on Catalina and strictly use an ethernet connection (not wi-fi).

Also it probably shouldn’t be compared to Chrome since it seems that Chrome may have the same issue. The most stark comparison is comparing to Safari and direct-speed to laptop without a browser.

Before conducting any speed tests, we want to first make sure that we have a level playing field. To do this, make sure that we are working with a fresh Brave profile (no extensions or other modifications to default settings/configurations present). To do this on macOS, we can temporarily rename the Brave directory:

  1. Close all instances of Brave
  2. Launch a new instance of the Terminal (CMD+Space, search for Terminal)
  3. Run command cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/BraveSoftware/
  4. Run command open . to launch an instance of Finder at this location
  5. Rename directory Brave-Browser to Brave-Browser-original
  6. Launch Brave, ignore Welcome screen, and navigate directly to
  7. Run the speedtest 3 times, and compare the average results with that of Safari

You will note that once Brave has been launched, a new Brave-Browser directory will have also been created for you. Once you’re done with your testing, you can delete this directory and rename the Brave-Browser-original directory back to Brave-Browser to restore the initial profile.

Please let us know if this works for you. My own results were as follows:


  • Ping: 24ms
  • Download: 122.96mbps
  • Upload: 289.03mbps


  • Ping: 25ms
  • Download: 116.10mbps
  • Upload: 243.40mbps

These results vary from test to test though; sometimes Safari comes out on top.

I also have Brave-Beta as a separate app per Mattches’ suggestion. That has no extensions and has only been opened a few times to run the speed test, and has its own folder in Library/Application. Here are the results of testing (up-to-date) Brave-Beta against Safari, average of 3 tests:

Brave-Beta: average 133 MB download

Safari: average 229 MB download

Brave-Beta tests at very slightly faster than regular Brave (which has extensions and such) but not much.

Do you get better results from Brave if you leave the browser open for 5 minutes (without browsing or doing anything else) prior to running the speedtest? It may be that Brave is attempting to download various essential resources, and this is consuming portions of your bandwidth.