Browser data deleted - Cookies allegedly disabled

I deleted my browser data today. After they were deleted, I couldn’t log in anywhere. At it was stated that cookies are deactivated in my browser. On the login didn’t work either (I was directed to the homepage).
I was able to solve the problem by a lucky browser restart

Problem reproduction:

  1. Open menu top right -> More tools -> Clear browsing data
  2. Click on expanded
  3. Delete the following (entire period):
    Browsing history
    download history
    Cookies and other website data
    Images and files in cache
    AutoFill Form Data
    content settings
    Hosted App Data

Version 0.55.11 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (official build) beta (64-bit)

Translated with

Thanks for the report. This issue is already logged and should be fixed real soon. You can track the issue here

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