Browser crashing


Same thing for me, just in the past couple of days …crash. Or better description is the Brave browser just closes all by it’s self when working. Not dependable.


Hi there folks

Thank you to all of you that have hung in there and provided crash reports :slight_smile: This helped immensely and I’m proud to share we just (~10 minutes ago) released a fix. You can go ahead and check for updates, the new version will be 0.23.79

Apologies that it took us this long to find/fix the issue. For those interested, there was a double delete happening when tab is discarded (something that happens after tab is idle for a while or there are memory increases and Chromium will try to unload tabs it doesn’t need). It seems this mostly was experienced by Windows users, but I did see a few macOS users that experienced it also

Please update and let us know how it works :slight_smile: Happy Friday!


update holding up, so far so good. Thank you very much :pray: :wink:


So far the browser hasn’t crashed, but it has started to log me out of sites when switching between tabs…youtube, vimeo, twitter, my online class (college)…etc