Browser crashing when tried to play video on Facebook


I am using Xiaomi redmi note 3 mobile with android 5.1.1. Brave browser is crashing when I try to play videos on Facebook. However other websites like youtube works fine. I have only noticed it on Facebook. Brave version 1.0.19.


@Giridhar does it simply close? Is there any dialog appear with Send a feedback button? If yes, could you please send that crash and we’ll look on it. Thanks.


It simply hangs & there is android dialogue box "Brave is not responding. Would you like to close it"
I have recorded this :


@Giridhar I cannot see you video. Could you please zip it and attach like a file? Thanks.


Okay this is video I have taken.


Sorry, I forgot about this. It was actually a problem with my phone software. Now I shifted to a custom rom and brave is working fine.

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