Browser crashing randomly


Been using every browser under the sun since Netscape Navigator, and finally found my dream browser in Brave.

After last update to 0.23.77, it crashes randomly without any error message or anything. Does not seem to be connected to any spesific site, and not changed anything at all since before update.


Hi @Tokoyo,

I’m sorry this happened to you. Can you navigate to chrome://crashes and provide the crash id? We received similar report from other users and the team would love to investigate the root cause.

cc @LaurenWags



Thank you for your response! Do you want me to click “Send” on all of the crashes that occurred?


Hi @Tokoyo

Yes please :slight_smile: but you only need to do it for any of the crashes that occurred since you started seeing this issue (probably in the past few days) - so anything older than that you don’t need to send. Once the chrome://crashes page shows ‘Uploaded Crash Report Id’ values you can copy/paste those values here.



Ok, I sent all from today and yesterday now. Some of them says (loosly translated) “Provide more info”, and requires me to log into GitHub.

Edit: I sent 5 that was from today and yesterday without the “Provide more info”.


Thanks! Providing more info/logging into github is not necessary. Once those Uploaded values show and you can put them here, I can add them to github so you do not need to :smiley:



Thank you kindly for your quick response. Your Browser in general is absolute amazing. Good to see the service is too!


We appreciate you taking the time to report this issue and thank you for the kind words, I’ll share them with the team :slight_smile:



Still having the same, randomly crashing every few minutes. If it was any other browser it would be long gone after these days, but Brave really captured my heart.


88353a0b2df19f43 (lokal kræsj-ID: 27d066a4-3fa4-4041-813e-ffd7b440caab)

640944924abdc522 (lokal kræsj-ID: 278c5ea4-33ba-403f-8b20-e9ae1c57f38d)

68fc256df413970d (lokal kræsj-ID: ef994b43-d643-432c-bbfe-33cc1f982e41)

edit: The last update fixed nothing as far as I can see. Crashed twice since, allthough it doesn’t show up on report, and they all have “Provide more info”.


@Tokoyo so you’re using 0.23.79? (you can verify this on about:brave)


Yes, updated to 0.23.79 as soon as it arrived. Not had any crashing last hour, so fingers crossed now! :slight_smile:


great! please do keep an eye on it and let me know how it goes! :smiley:



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