Browser crashing all the time on Android 12

Description of the issue:
On Android 12, the app is crashing all the time, don’t even stay open for over 10 seconds.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try to open the app on Android 12.

Expected result:
Stay open

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Can’t even reach it

Mobile Device details
Google Pixel 3, with Android 12 stable release.

Additional Information:


Pixel 4a here. Just did factory reset this morning with Android 12. Opening Brave showed checkbox for anonymous usage. Continuing from here crashes the browser. Now every time I open the app, it crashes. Same thing happens with Brave Beta and Brave Nightly. Tried restarting and reinstalling, but no luck.

Of note, Brave worked perfectly normally on the Android 12 beta and Android 12 before I factory reset.

I think this the same issue Brave nightly crashes when opened

with Pixel 3a xl, brave nightly is working now.

I have this immediate crash issue. It wasn’t crashing on my pixel 4, but does on the 6 pro. Reinstalling did nothing to help.

Same issue on Pixel 6 Pro. Immediately crashes upon opening. Reinstalling doesn’t solve issue, after opting in or out of analytics it immediately crashes.

I can confirm this is happening on Pixel 6 which I just updated and the issue persists. The phone is running Android 12 version SD1A.210817.036.

I will try Brave Nightly to see if it helps in the meantime.

I just saw there was an update on Google Play for Brave (stable channel). Seems to have resolved the issue, at least for me on my Pixel 6. Ironically, this is the last web page I’ll be opening with Chrome! :laughing:

I’m seeing this on a brand new pixel 6.
Just downloaded 1.31.87 and it launches and displays the splash screen, and then crashes.

Does anyone know if there’s a GitHub issue for this open?
I could not find one. And I’m not sure if we need to open one or if this ticket is enough?

Just installed the 1.31.90 update and brave now launches and seems to run fine on my pixel 6 on android 12.

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