Browser crashes when trying to add bookmark

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Description of the issue:
Brave hangs when trying to add bookmark

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open any website
  2. Add Bookmark
    => Brave becomes hung. This is repeatable.
    After restarting, found that bookmark is not added

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I am on the latest version: 1.21 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone XR

Additional Information:

Same issue here. Brave 1.21 running on an iPad Air 3rd gen running iPadOS 14.2. I won’t bother opening a separate ticket seeing as there’s already this one.

Does it happen to all websites you try to add?
Do you have sync enabled?

Same problem here with iPhone SE 1st generation and iPad Pro 10,5
Both running latest iOS. Wish people would make basic tests of their software

Sorry for that, what is you devices language set?
Does it happen no matter what website you add to bookmarks?

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The device language is German. And it does not matter which website ist bookmarled

Thanks, do you remember if you got popup about ‘Migration required’ when joining a sync chain? Or at first launch after updating to 1.21

We’ve run public beta for almost 1 month and we didn’t have any crash reports, im trying to get more details about it to be able to reproduce this crash

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No, I haven’t got any popup. I didn’t had any bookmarks before sync on iOS, since a the I wouldn’t have used a browser without a sync function. So it was thought to be a “clean” first sync. And the sync did function. I just can’t add any bookmarks to the mobile browser without freezing it

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Thanks for all replies, we are close to locate the issue.
I wonder, how much bookmarks do you have saved, is it a large number?

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Yes, it’s probably a few. Sure! I have also discovered, that the adding of bookmarks does not freez the app as long as the there is no sync chain. The moment everything is synced, bookmarks can’t be added anymore without freezing the app.

we are aware of this bug, however from our tests it only happens when users have many hundreds of bookmarks saved in the sync chain

do you have hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks or a smaller number?

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I am afraid: yes. Over 200 (the ones in subfolders are not even counted).

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Brave 1.21, iOS 14.1, iPhone 7+, sync disabled, browser hangs without any message or pop up.

how many bookmarks do you have?
does the UI freeze when you try to add a bookmark?

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I have around 400-500 bookmarks. I’ve synced it with laptop months ago, when it was possible.

Browser hangs (in Polish and English language) and can’t do anything. I must wait for 10 second after closing.
Then it give pop up about hanging.

Yep, same here.
Version 1.21 (, iPad Air 2
Sync chain with 6 linked machines.
I do have probably over 250 bookmarks.
Try to add a bookmark on any website. Brave freezes, then crashes.

thanks for the report, we located the problem, this will be fixed in next release

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