Browser crashes when selecting Brave Shields


I could not find a topic in the forum with this issue so I created this one. Apologies if if I missed it.

  1. Description of the issue:

    While browsing on any web-page where Brave Shields is active, selecting the Brave Shields icon causes the browser to crash.

  2. Steps to Reproduce:

  • launch Brave Dev with Brave Shields activated
  • navigate to a web-page where the Brave Shields icon, located in the omnibox/address-bar, can be selected and do so
  1. Actual Result:

    The browser crashes.

  2. Expected Result:

    The Brave Shields drop-down menu should appear beneath the icon.

  3. Reproduces Consistently

    Every time.

  4. Brave Version

    Version 0.70.80 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

  5. Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
    Yes. Every time.

  6. Additional Information:

    When I relaunch the browser, I get a notification to restore the previous session. Any tabs that were open are restored correctly.

    OS: Windows 10 Pro 1903, build 18362.295


Can you check to see if the following flag is enabled?

  1. Type Brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag titled #extensions-toolbar-menu
  3. Make sure you set this to Disabled and relaunch the browser when prompted

Now let me know if you still have the same issue accessing Shields.

I disabled the #extensions-toolbar-menu flag and Brave Shields works as intended in Release and Developer.


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