Browser crashes when it has to shrink tabs due to flags settings

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. In Flags, enable flag for tab shrinking to medium width; and also enable tab scrolling buttons
  2. Open enough tabs to initiate tab shrinking (i.e., fill up the tab bar and then open 1 more)
  3. Browser becomes momentarily unresponsive, then crashes out

Expected result:
No crash.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.26.77. Also occurred on immediately prior release.

Additional Information:
This just started happening with my work PC within the last few days. I normally run with many tabs so I am not sure why it never happened before. Unfortunately I cannot upload crash logs from there; and I cannot reproduce it on my home PC (also Windows).

Disabling the scroll buttons appears to resolve the issue.

I will do some more experimenting with combinations of flags to see if I can narrow down the issue even further, and follow up here. Maybe I can get it to repro at home if I match up all flags, it could be a certain combination of settings leading to the issue.

Thank you for the report. I can bring this up to the team, but this type of issue would be resolved upstream rather than by us since the cause of the issue is one of the experimental flags (implemented by the Chromium team).

Fair enough. Once I get all the flags changes catalogued (I change maybe 5-6 of them from defaults) I’ll see if I can repro on Chrome, which I also have installed on the affected PC. I’ll take a quick look thru Chromium issues as well, maybe something will be found in there. TY.


Let me know the results of your test – I’m interested myself.

OK, did a little bit of testing.

I couldn’t reproduce it on another work PC, or on my home PC. But on the work PC that IS affected, Chrome 91.x also has the issue. So possibly some confluence of these flags + enforced configuration, or maybe display drivers, or something.

After reproducing it in Chrome a bunch of times, I updated Chrome to 92.x and the issue went away. So perhaps when Brave lands 92.x it will go away there as well, I will follow up if not.

I did find this Chromium bug, which could certainly be related.

The first few times I had the issue I thought it was resize-related, but after I messed with it a bunch I realized it was only because a narrower window has to render the scrolling buttons earlier.

For now I’m working around it by disabling the buttons, I can’t deal without the tab shrinking. :wink:

Hah! Looks like 92.x got pulled in today?

Will re-test.

Issue is resolved in Brave 1.27.108, probably was a Chromium 91.x issue.


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