Browser crashed; all bookmarks gone. Any hope?


Earlier this evening my battery ran down, and my laptop crashed. Now I have zero, zilcho, NOT A SINGLE BOOKMARK.

Could it really be that a bug that was reported over a year and a half ago still remains, and that my bookmarks are really, really gone, with no hope of getting them back other than going to an entire system backup?

I am running 0.22.810, on Linux Slackware 14-current.

Is it possible that session-store-1 is the only place they’re stored and that it was corrupt after the crash so Brave just tossed it?

I have stuck with Brave through thick and thin, and–as everyone reading this knows–lots of sundry glitches and gotchas.

This one could drive me back to Chrome, though. I’m sitting here in stunned disbelief.


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