Browser crash upon opening



Using Mac iOS 10.9 on my computer
i. I clicked on Brave browser as usual
ii. When I opened the browser, I got the following error message "Brave quit unexpectedly"
iii. I followed the FAQ, deleted the browser in applications, and entered the text as directed into the terminal application
iv. I restarted the computer
v. I re-downloaded Brave, but the same thing happened (browser crashed upon opening with the same error message)

Now Brave crashes every time I try to open it. Any help would be appreciated.


I have the exact same thing happening with my Mac. I just described my issue on another active thread on this site (“Most recent version (0.19.139) of Brave crashes on launch”). In that thread, a suggestion was made to download an old version of Brave, with the necessary link provided. That only worked temporarily, at least for me.


This suggestion worked, thanks so much!

I guess my next question is, when can I update my browser again? In a couple of weeks with the new update?


Looping in @LaurenWags on this. :slight_smile:


@kiwi-person, does your Mac maintain the older version of Brave after you downloaded it? It doesn’t stay when I download it; as soon as I log off of Brave, the new version with the glitch (0.19.139) automatically takes it’s place, even though I’ve deleted the new version. :frowning_face: Hope a fix for the issue will occur soon; really miss the Brave browser - I’ve had to go back to Firefox. Like you, I’m wondering when we’ll know when we can safely update the browser.


can confirm same thing happening for me…

osx 10.9.1 (happen to be running a hackintosh).

thx, guys, love your work! =)


would be quite helpful if you could provide a link to that thread or to the download of the old version you mention…


This one @starfury :slight_smile:


@mbgdriver and @kiwi-person We have an issue logged and are looking at it. I hope to have an update soon.


Also, this is the issue we have logged, which you can follow:


@LaurenWags, Thank you!


Downloading and installing the v0.19.134dev solved my problem. Thanks.


Wait! it only worked once. Now it crashes again so the problem is not fixed.:expressionless:


No it doesn’t maintain the version. Same thing happens to me. So I guess we’ll have to wait patiently for an update! :slight_smile:


@kiwi-person Yep I think so.


No news yet @mgbdriver :frowning: We’re still working through this issue. There have been a couple of test builds but still appears to be crashes. Definitely keep an eye on the logged issue.


Thanks for the update! @LaurenWags


For anyone interested - cross-posting:


@LaurenWags, Nope sorry it didn’t work. Crashed immediately (0.19.146dev). :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks for reporting back @mgbdriver - bummed to hear that. Will share your results with the team.