Browser causing monitor issues

So recently I noticed my screen going black and resetting showing the “Display Port” message in the top left corner. It can happen from once a minute, to sometimes 5-10 times a minute. I initially Googled the issue and there was mention of a faulty display port cable. The cable came with my Samsung monitor and is only 5-6 months old but there is always a chance that it was faulty.

So I switched to Opera browser, and I have no issues. So it leads me to an issue with the Brave browser. Don’t know exactly why, but I can play games with no issues, use other browsers with no issues, have only the desktop showing with no problems. It’s only happening with Brave open. I did upgrade to Windows 11 so that might be part of the reason.

Brave is latest version
Using Windows 11
Monitor is 27" Samsung Curved
VC is Nvidia RTX 3080

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