Browser can't access wallet & Captcha doesn't work


I get this error every so often & I don’t know how to fix it.

" Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable.

No worries. This can happen for a variety of security reasons. Reconnecting your wallet will solve this issue."

Also, there are many times when I am asked to do the captcha over & over again & it tells me it never went through.

This has been happening for months.

This issue is known and is actively being worked on right now. I apologize for the inconvenience but I hope it helps to know that the team is addressing the issue and that you’re not the only one encountering it.

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Oh wow, you did respond LOL Thanks

So that’s both issues?

You said “issue” singular, not plural. :slight_smile:

Yes – I believe that the Uh oh error and the inability to solve the captcha should be resolved in the same fix.

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k, any timeline? It has been a while.

Thanks again

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