Browser Brave problem help resetting

Since this morning I made the mistake of resetting my pc I lost my brave wallet. and I’m looking for a way to get it back because there is 400 € of bat

thank you so much

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400 it’s a lot eh…which device aren you using ? If you are using a laptop;you can just take your picture straight from your laptop camera,then save it in your computer,from there , you can upload it,it’s very simple in that way.

For your missing wallet,it needs a support team,just report it them,they are quick to respond.

thank you for your answer but did you know how to contact them ?

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Was your wallet verified and connected to an Uphold account when this happened?

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Ok ,when you navigate on Uphold;a popup icon will be displayed at the bottom right corner of your laptop,written"help",you click on it.

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