Browser automaticly closes

when i first started using this browser there were no problem but after a month or less the browser utomaticly closes itself after few seconds or more i use lenovo pc with windows 10

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I’m facing the same issue from the past three days. Uninstall and installing the latest version isn’t helped to get rid of this…

Device configuration: Windows-10, i7 Processor with 8Gb Ram, Hp laptop

Even from yesterday I’m not getting ads for in my android device( since I updated the app in the device)

Hope, soon someone will help us.

look this link. it may helps you.

Uninstall, use mattches link to the beta…problem solved

Same issue, uninstalled, reinstalled, no luck, couldnt export book marks, lost them all, gutted.

Waste of time this browser, and then when you try to post a question here, you dont have enough rep points or some damn silly thing.

If you tried to synch browsers on computer and phone, that caused this issue for me. when i un-synched, it resolved the issue

Please do check link that I attached in my previous comment…

Please do check link that I attached in my previous comment…

It worked for me. Before uninstalling please keep your brave seeds safe at some place, because they will be useful after you installation…

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