Browser automatic update not working


The browser will not automatically update when the brave://settings/help page is opened. Also, when I run BraveBrowserDevSetup.exe, I get an error message saying the latest version is installed. Brave Dev needs to be reinstalled to get the latest update.

Is this a bug or just the way it is? Do we just reinstall Brave Dev to get the latest updates?


What version do you see displaying in About Brave?

Version 0.71.87.

I was trying to update from 0.71.74 but I kept getting an error so I uninstalled Dev and ran BraveBrowserDevSetup.exe to get 0.71.87. Reinstalling Dev worked.

Also, if this helps or not, when I ran BraveBrowserDevSetup.exe while 0.71.74 was installed, an I got an error saying the latest version was installed when 0.71.87 was the latest version. That 's why I uninstalled 0.71.74.

I had the exact same problem. i was also on dev 0.71.74 and had to uninstall and reinstall the browser to get the newest version.

Your browser should now update automatically as intended, but if this happens again please let us know. Additionally, uninstalling may be needed in some cases but generally, re-downloading and running the installer from our website will also fetch an apply the update files.

Thanks for the response.
I’ll let you if it happens again.