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Using Brave browser for a few days and so far impressed. I have vision issues so customizing the browser is important. I use the Terminal theme but am having a problem with the Results Appearance. I have the Result Title Color set to a brite lime green for a great contrast. I have the Result Visited Title Color set to a red. The visited color is the issue. Sometimes the visited sites title changes from lime green to red but most the time, there is no change. Any suggestions


Ok, a few more discoveries!

Search say “dogs”
Open 1st result
Close 1st result
Open 2nd result
Close 2nd result
Open 3rd result
Close 3rd result
All 3 Result Title Colors remain the original lime color. They do not change to red, the setting for Result Visited Title Color.

Keep the above search results window open.
Open a new tab and do the same search. Result Visited Title Color red is now on all three of the above results. 1st search page still lime.

Go to the 1st search page and open the 4th result then close it. It remains the original lime color and does not change to red.

Go to the 2nd search page and open the 4th result then close it. It changes to the red setting.

The original search page will not allow the Result Visited Title Color to change to red. In order for the color to change I have to open a second search page and use it instead of the 1st search page. The first search page can be closed and the second search page still works perfectly.

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