Browsed for 2 hours and didn't receive a single ad

Hi, i’ve been browsing on Brave for the last two hours posting ads on ebay and using the presearch search tool. I haven’t had a single ad pop up for me. Is there an issue with ads right now?

Any help is appreciated.

This can be normal and an expected behavior. 10 ads per hour does not mean a guarantee but a possibility rather. Take a look at these articles and do the push notification test to make sure you are set up to receive ads.

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Ok, great, I read that and it makes total sense. Thanks very much.

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That can happen once sometimes.
By the growing of BAT it can be normal.
Give a look at the graphics…
BAT Will cost more Than 10 USD Im very short time.

It also can depend on which country you are from. Some countries have many partners, some have only a few. That might have an effect on the amount of ads too.

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