Broswer to broswer torrenting html media content

If all media content on a web page were shared with in-broswer torrenting between the digital audience it would make life so easy for the tiny creator, who cant afford to leave Youtube due to bandwidth issues. And a demonetization of the his or hers main channel is basically being out of a job.

In my mind social media should just be used to post short trailers for your content and have the bulk of your content on your own site. The problem here is bandwidth. If you send +100k Youtube subscribers to a site you pay for yourself it will go down. According to some sources (that I have not fact checked) Youtube operates at a loss and Google/Alphabet is willing to take that loss to maintain their de-facto monopoly of internet video.

If browser to browser of all media content were shared among the audience the small creator would not be dependent on Youtube to make a living. You could get rewarded BAT tokens if you share the content you view with the other audience.

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This would also require a new web server that supported this.

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