Broken Webpage with Brave


Website Doesn’t appear to work with Brave I am using Windows10 and have Dashlane installed. The Dashlane Icon appears in the boxes for email and password, but it then just freezes the page altogether…absolutely nothing on the page appears to work. Seems to work well on other pages.

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For me it;s that fails to load and then locks up the screen either going to the tabbed site through Duckduckgo or google, same result. No problem accessing it from IE, Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

Brave: 0.15.0
rev: 71fb73001617949528cc6473e288a49e76fcd4d5
Muon: 2.58.7
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.81
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 10.0.15063
os.arch: x64


I tried opening too, and while slow, I could open it. Opening it in a private tab froze the page, but after a reload that worked too. I’m using a newer version of Brave though, 0.15.1. Have you checked if you can update recently?

(Perhaps unnecessary, but if it still doesn’t work try clearing the cache/cookies maybe?)


Working now in 0.15.2, tabs are still re- arranging themselves

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