Broken sync iOS

I have deleted and installed brave on all my devices (iPhone Pro Max 13, MacBook Pro 2021, and Pixel 7) six times for the last two weeks. I start the sync (doesn’t matter which device) and all sync for the first time. After that iOS only sends its info out but doesn’t receive the info back from the other two devices. I have done a review on iOS for brave (one star) and received the steps on how to fix the problem, which I have repeatedly done for two weeks. I get the same results. I need help, thanks

@dcrich1331 I’m using iOS and don’t have this issue. I’m able to receive everything both ways. Let me just double check, are you making sure to select sync options on all devices? For example, if you select Passwords on one device to be synced but not on the other, you will have difficulties.

I mean, have you done everything as advised in the links below? (especially part I mentioned of sync settings, which would be Step 5 on each part. You’d need to make sure toggled/checked on each device). Links below are FAQ I wrote, so it will differ compared to the official Help guide, though might contain a lot of the same info.

Also, are all devices using the most recent version of Brave? If not, this can create an issue.

Sorry if I’m kind of repeating information you’ve already seen/heard. I just want to make sure to verify what you’ve done. Sometimes repeating and going over even the “simple things” can trigger a “oops, I missed that” moment. So just like to not assume and make sure to start at the beginning.

I have the checks marked on all the devices separate from the all checked toggle. iOS only has the separate toggles and the other devices have the everything toggle. I turn each one separately on the MacBook Pro and the pixel 7.

Ok. And they are definitely on the same sync chain and set to sync? What is it that isn’t syncing for you?

I started the sync over again and everything is syncing for now @ 744pm. I’m heading out for the evening and will type a few urls in the search in brave on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’ll check the MacBook Pro and my pixel 7 to see if the sync is still working. I’ll send and email back to you to let you know what’s going on with the sync at that time. Thanks for reaching out. I have been dealing with this for several months.

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One thing I forgot to asks on the urls I type do they have to be completed urls or partial? Example or cats? It seems that n the past when I typed complete URLs it save it in the history and the partial one didn’t always show up.

Completed. Only typed full URL will work. So if it’s just a search, like Cats then it won’t appear in sync. But if you did and it visited, then it would remember in your History.

And seems like you’re aware enough, but just will say it for anyone else. It only saves typed URL. Full history won’t sync. So if you click on a link or navigate somewhere through search results, that won’t save in synced history. (though it could be under Recent or Tabs from other devices)

Afternoon, I typed a few URLs in the pixel 7 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both synced to each other with the .com URLs but didn’t sync the URLs that were general in a search. In other words any search without the .com didn’t sync.

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Okay, so that’s working as intended. Only completed URL will work for synced history. It was mainly due to limitations on how much History a person can have and trying to filter out nonsense showing up on History.