Broken QNAP OS Disk Management function

The QTS OS on a QNAP NAS is browser based. I’ve had no problems running this in Brave with the following critical exception.

  1. The ‘Storage & Snapshots’ tool is used to manage disk volumes. Most functions are fine.
  2. However, within this, there is the key sub-menu for actually configuring disk volumes.
    Storage & Snapshots | Storage | Storage
    This function does not work with Brave and is critical to managing the NAS.

When this page is opened, a ‘% ready’ clock runs in the foreground to indicate the loading of disk volume information, but it never gets past 0%. Some volume information is updated in the background behind this clock, but then everything stalls and never progresses.

  • Turning off shields for the page does not help
  • The function works with Chrome & Opera.
  • My NAS disk health is good.
  • I have two QNAP NAS’s and behaviour issue under Brave is the same on each.

Note that Brave is not on QNAP’s supported browser list and their techs will not buy in to the issue.

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