Broken login @

Description of the issue: Login broken on Website, not eEdition
How can this issue be reproduced?

  • Go to
  • Clear CSS rules for this site
  • Ad/Tracker blocking @ Standard
  • Cookies @ Block cross-site cookies
  • Fingerprinting protection @ Standard
  • No additional extensions.
  • Attempt to login (but not @ eEdition)
  • Login fails

And then:

  • Lower Shields
  • Attempt to login
  • Login successful

Expected result: Successful login to web edition with Shields up.

Brave Version: v 1.18.78 Windows 10 20H2

Additional Information: Login successful with Shields down.

Okay, thanks for the report. Investigating the login issue. Will update this thread

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I wasn’t able to bring up the login window in either Chrome or Firefox so far.

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It looks like the site is requiring one of the trackers to log in somehow. If i leave the shield up and just change it from “standard” to “allow trackers and ads” it allows the log in form to pop up.

The shield still blocks cross-site trackers as shown in the picture but it looks like this website is requiring one of the trackers that is being blocked to run properly.

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Testing in Chrome (no adblocker installed), and in incognito-mode, Clicking on Login doesn’t do anything for me. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

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Login works on Edge Chromium with built-in tracking protection @ Strict and/or with µBO @ default filters.

Have issued a fix, with help from another author. (give it 24-48hrs)

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Thanks folks. I promote Brave in part because of your regular maintenance of Brave Adblock and speedy fixes. :+1: :+1:

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