Broken video player

I just happened to stumble upon this video page, and Brave browser does not display the video. (I know, I know, it’s a video of a guy with his genitals uncovered. I know, PUBLIC GENITALS! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!) Look, I just wanted to tell Brave that there’s no video player. I didn’t wanna talk about genitals.
I have extensions disabled. When opening the video page in Vivaldi browser, it both displays the video player and plays the video.

Hey Jordy,

If you would really and truly like to watch this video, go to your Brave Shields and select “Allow all trackers and ads”.

That worked. I had no idea that trackers were placed on a video player.
It would be great if Brave could tell me such things in the future. I would never have guessed that video playback was disabled, because trackers are disabled. Like, who, that doesn’t know this already, is gonna guess this?
Besides, the video page says nothing about trackers whatsoever.

Experimenting with the Brave Shields is typically how you’d get around things not working. It’s not recommended to turn them off, but messing with each setting one at a time will usually remedy site issues.

I understand what you’re saying. I expressed this point from my point of view, in order to make it clear. Although I happen to struggle over it, I wanted to make it clear, mostly for users in general.
Take the general user, someone who’s searching the webs. Then, they open a page. The page tells that there’s a video. The page doesn’t show a video. The page doesn’t show a video player. The page doesn’t say why there’s no video player. Which general user, that doesn’t know this already, is gonna guess that trackers are to blame? Yes, there are users who will try to get the video player by changing the tracker settings. I’m convinced that the percentage of users, who’ll look for the tracker settings them self, is insignificant next compared to brave’s millions of users.
Keep in mind, I’m just saying.

Hey @jordy

I’ve deployed a fix for this, give it 24-48hrs. Will work with shields up.

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