Bring Brave to Steam or KDE Discover

Just a thought but it would nice to have Brave on Steam which does have a software section even if its somewhat overlooked at times. The more avenues to easily install Brave the better.

Also Steam’s new handheld called the Steam Deck will be using Steam OS 3.0 which is a significant departure from past versions, its now Arch Linux based and uses KDE.

Brave is not on the KDE discover software catalogue either, if it would be really useful if new users didn’t have to rely on command line tools to install this, it turns people off linux systems so quickly.

Maybe SteamOS finally establishes a foothold in PC gaming market through this (a long shot but still possible) and Brave being there at the start could help make it preferred browser.

Thanks for reading.

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According to the details, you can use arch to install Brave.

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